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Understanding the results
You can use this website to look up information on how well your local surgery achieved both this year and last year. Other searches will compare your local GP practice against other GP practices in the local area scores and the national score across England.

The website provides, for the first time, easy access to comprehensive information on the pattern of the most common chronic diseases such as asthma, diabetes and cancer. In terms of scale, the data for QOF is collected from over 8,400 GP practices with just over 53 million registered patients in England. QOF helps doctors caring for you to compare the delivery and quality of care currently provided against 2005’s achievement. The aim is to improve care standards by assessing and benchmarking quality of care

By providing this world-leading intelligence on the spread of illnesses such as diabetes, heart conditions and cancers, GPs and other health professionals can make improvements in managing these chronic diseases. This should in time lead to a reduction in avoidable hospital admissions.

How are the QOF points calculated?
QOF is the annual reward and incentive programme that is now reporting the second year of results. QOF is a voluntary process for all surgeries in England and was introduced as part of the GP contract in 2004. Achievement points are available in four main areas, commonly known as domains:

  • Clinical care covering the major chronic diseases such as asthma, cancer, coronary heart disease and diabetes – surgeries can achieve up to 550 QOF points
  • Good organisation covering how well surgeries records and information about patients, patient communications, education and training, practice management and medicine management – surgeries can achieve up to 184 QOF points
  • Positive patient experience covering how well surgeries manage patient surveys and consultation length - surgeries can achieve up to 100 QOF points.
  • Extra services, for surgeries that provide cervical screening, child health surveillance, maternity services, and contraceptive services – surgeries can achieve up to 36 QOF points.

There are further bonus QOF points that surgeries can be gain for overall clinical achievement (surgeries can achieve up to 100 QOF points), overall achievement in the organisation (surgeries can achieve up to 30 QOF points) and access standards (surgeries can achieve up to 50 QOF points).

What results can I show for the listed practices?
By checking the options in the display panel you can compare:

  • practice result against local PCT average scores
  • practice result against national average score
  • practice result against last year's result
  • clinical achievement results for your practice against PCT average results
  • clinical achievement results for your practice against national average results
  • clinical achievement results for your practice against last year's achievements.

These searches give you high level results, however if you want to carry more detailed and complex research and analysis information in excel spreadsheet format go to: linkwww.ic.nhs.uk/pubs/qof.

Example of the results
image of results chart
The sample of the output chart above shows the results for some of the clinical indicator groups for a GP practice. As well as displaying the latest 2006 results, the chart also displays how those results compare to last year's results, the National Average and the PCT (Primary Care Trust) Average for each indicator. Similar charts are available for the total achievement results, the total clinical results and the individual indicators within each clinical indicator group.